Medication Assisted Treatment near me near Louisville

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Medication Assisted Treatment near me near Louisville

suboxone clinic louisvilleOur suboxone treatment facility near Louisville provides Medication Assisted Treatment near me near Louisville. We are a premiere health center that provides the latest services, techniques, technology, and education in addiction medicine. Our Suboxone clinic provides specially trained professionals who provide individuals with medical supervision which is key in the early stages of recovery from addiction. Professional supervision is essential to addressing behavioral issues, triggers, and reducing the risks of relapse into addiction. Most treatment plans start with the initial appointment phone call and required paperwork.

Addiction Treatment Center

Services at our recovery facility provides a Medication Assisted Treatment Program that includes Physician Visits, Case Management, Individual Therapy Sessions, Group Therapy, Primary Care, and Successful Results for Patients! Our patients are raving about the amazing results of our addiction treatment center. We utilize the latest techniques in addiction medicine to help get the best results for our patients. The doctor’s consultation with a qualified medication assisted treatment physician. A physician’s evaluation which determines suitability for medication assisted treatment. The individual will receive a complete physical and education about the treatment procedure. The physician will prescribe the appropriate medications when the individual starts to experience withdrawal symptoms. The doctor will establish appropriate stabilization and maintenance of the prescribed medications.

Medication Assisted Treatment near me near Louisville

If you or someone that you care about has been struggling with substance use disorder, we can help! No longer will anyone suffering from addiction have to live in the shadows of pain and fear; there is help available. Our professional staff will help all of our patients to go through our amazing program. New patients will be amazed to find that cravings and withdrawal symptoms are handled so well during our treatment process.

IOP Treatment Near Louisville

Suboxone clinics medicaidCall us today and schedule an appointment to start treatment at our outpatient facility near Lexington. We want all of our patients to experience the freedom that our treatment program can afford them. Addiction is a death sentence without proper treatment and the help of our team of doctors and addiction specialists. Our Suboxone clinic provides Medication Assisted Treatment near me near Louisville.

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