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Our suboxone clinic in Lexington, provides medication-assisted treatment and intensive outpatient treatment services. By calling us now, we will be able to assist you by lining you up with a physician and clinician. Same day next day appointments may be available.

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Psychedelic-assisted therapy is quickly becoming mainstream as medication-assisted treatment models have opened the door for new treatment modalities to emerge!

In addition to our medication-assisted treatment programs throughout the state of Kentucky, our online intensive outpatient programs, telehealth suboxone treatment, telemedicine suboxone doctor’s appointments, we collaborate with Ketamine therapy doctors in Lexington, KY to provide Ketamine infusion therapy for depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD among other physical and mental health concerns.

Ketamine therapy is being used in a sacred more ceremonial fashion to provide participants with a greater sense of connection or spiritual experience. Reports are showing effectiveness in just one sitting but profound results in 4-6. We work with Ketamine Doctors nationwide so whether in Lexington, KY or Montgomery, Al, we can assist you.

Ketamine is very promising, and similar to our support of Medication-assisted treatment or suboxone treatment when unpopular, we stand behind our belief that psychedelic-assisted therapy will be the game changer for mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation.

To learn more about an alternative to traditional detoxification programs, Kambo detox or Kambo cleanse may be a option. Kambo is administered by a Kambo practitioner usually in a ceremonial setting. For more information, please reach out Kambo Detox Near Me or watch video about Kambo. For infornation pertaining to Kentucky Ayahuasca Ceremonies or Alabama Ayahuasca ceremonies, please contact your local Native American Church. Ayahuasca has been helping people with addiction and mental health illnesses.

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