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Kentucky Heroin Epidemic: Yes, It’s as Bad as You Think It Is

The opiate epidemic has reached the Bluegrass State, with painkillers and heroin abuse running rampant. Kentucky is known for horse racing, bourdon distilleries, moonshine, coal, college basketball and Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, it Is also familiar to heroin overdose deaths, particularly Northern Kentucky, Louisville and Lexington. There are valid fears among citizens of the state that heroin will engulf and ravage the entire Commonwealth, but with our help that won’t happen.

Kentucky Heroin Overdose Statistics

The number of drug-related overdose deaths in Kentucky hit an all time high in 2016, because of the rising abuse of heroin and fentanyl, which is a painkiller. Louisville, KY is the biggest city in Jefferson County, with a population of about 590,000, and it has had the largest number of deaths from heroin, according to state statistics.

Suboxone Kentucky OD InfoKentucky is one of the five states with the highest rate of overdose related deaths, with West Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio and Rhode Island being impacted equally as much. The state has been trying to come to grips with the nationwide trend in the rising levels of opiate abuses and resulting deaths, but it’s hard to fight what seems to be a losing battle.

Opiate deaths in Kentucky would be much higher without Narcan being widely available. Naloxone or Narcan, its brand name, blocks and reverses the effects of an opiate overdose. Many first responders have started to carry Narcan, although its availability varies throughout the state.

What is Treatment so Important for Opiate Addiction?

The reality faced by someone with an opiate addiction is the withdrawal symptoms, which can be extremely uncomfortable. It can be very unsafe for someone to try to quit using opiates on their own, because detoxing can be quite rough. Because of these reasons, it is better for someone to find a suboxone clinic in Kentucky to be monitored during withdrawal. When a medical professional monitors a person through withdrawal, a patient can gradually adjust to coming off opiates safely.

How Can a Family Be Affected by Addiction?

Suboxone Kentucky OD GraphOpiate abuse and addiction don’t only impact the user, the whole family is fractured and damaged. An addict needs to have strong ties with family and friends because it is very important for successful treatment. There are many benefits for somebody to leaning on their family during recovery because their family can be a powerful motivation for change. Including family in the healing journey increases the chances someone will stay in treatment and the family can also attend therapy to learn how to cope and be supportive of the person while they heal.

What is a Suboxone Directory?

We started with the intent of helping link addicted people to physicians to help them become clean. Our directory provides you with a wealth of information about Suboxone treatment clinics in the Kentucky area. We have listed the complete contact information and locations for each doctor and clinic, in the hopes it will be helpful for people seeking suboxone treatment. If you have questions about the different types of treatment available for opiate addiction, please review our listings for all the information you need.

Why is a Suboxone Doctor Beneficial for Healing?

Medication-assisted treatment or MAT is important for opiate addicts early in treatment and our suboxone doctor understands. Our suboxone doctor uses MAT as the primary treatment for addiction, because research has shown its short-term use is safe and effective when the medication is taken as prescribed. Suboxone lowers relapse rates, makes withdrawal more comfortable and stops intense cravings for opiates, which makes it the ideal tool in helping someone make a complete recovery.

Are You Ready to Start Healing?

You may be scared and hesitant about going to visit a suboxone clinic in Kentucky, but you don’t have to be. Remember after making the commitment to go get clean, it’s time to take the bravest step you’ll ever take and in it, your life can truly change. Please check out Suboxone Kentucky to locate a reputable clinic so you can begin suboxone treatment and start to emerge from the horrible clutches of opiate addiction. 502-305-8855