Telehealth Opens the Door for Anchorage, Jefferson County

telehealth anchorage jefferson county ky

Telehealth Opens the Door for Anchorage, Jefferson County

telehealth for opiate addictionThere is nothing worse than trying to meet the needs of people suffering from opioid use disorder and having no idea how to do it. For many years, addiction medicine specialists have had their hands tied with what they are and are not able to do. If you live in Anchorage, Jefferson County, KY, our suboxone clinic is bringing telehealth services to your community. Congress is pushing for telemedicine to be utilized for medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and the goal is to give doctors more leeway in treating people with opiate addiction.

Improving Access for MAT  for Jefferson County, KY and Surrounding Areas

Medication-assisted treatment for opiate addiction provides medication to people diagnosed with opioid use disorder. The expected benefits of MAT include reduced spreading of diseases through sharing dirty needles, reduced substance abuse, increased treatment and a reduction of overdose deaths. For many people trying to find a suboxone provider near them means long waiting lists, the provider may not be accepting new patients and others won’t accept the person’s insurance. Our suboxone clinic serves the population living in or near Anchorage, Jefferson County, KY we accept Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. We are taking new patients and we our expanding to offer telehealth for easier access to our services.

Is Telehealth Effective?

Enhancing access to medication-assisted drug treatment for opiate addiction is suggested strategy for increasing the use of MAT, particularly for people in rural areas and those with a limited income. The medications used for MAT are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and reduce the number of opiate overdose deaths, social and health issues related to addiction. Telehealth brings together providers and those who are desperate need of MAT treatment, but who for whatever reason cannot find it.

Please Contact Our Suboxone Clinic for MAT Services:

Whether you need telehealth services because you don’t live close to a clinic or if you need it because you live on a limited income, you can count on our suboxone clinic, if you live in Anchorage, Jefferson County, KY.  You don’t need to continue carrying the burden of opiate addiction any longer, because with dedication and our services, you can become clean. Please contact our clinic right now, let go of your shame and erase addiction from your vocabulary forever.

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