Are You Looking for a Suboxone Clinic Near Me?

suboxone clinic near me

Are You Looking for a Suboxone Clinic Near Me?

For some people seeking to break an addiction to heroin or prescription opiates, there is a medication to help it happen. Suboxone is a US Food and Drug Administration approved drug that is used for medication-assisted treatment or MAT. Because of government regulations, a suboxone clinic near me is only able to handle so many patients at one time, but with us there’s no waiting list and we are taking new patients right now.

How Does Suboxone Work?

Lots of addiction medicine specialists feel suboxone is just trading one addiction for another, but that’s not true. Suboxone is not used to get someone high, but instead the medication is used to help someone taper off of heroin or prescription opiates. With suboxone the cravings for opiates goes away and it is easier to go through withdrawal and become clean.

How A Suboxone Clinic Near Me Can Help You:

At a suboxone clinic near me, you will find caring, compassionate addiction medicine specialists who have your best interests at heart. Being a partial opiate agonist, suboxone is a combination of two medications, buprenorphine and naloxone. When using in an intensive outpatient program with MAT, suboxone reduces overdose rates, fosters longer treatment retention and saves lives.

Contact Our Suboxone Clinic Near Me Today:

No longer are you forced to be a slave to heroin or prescription opiate addiction, because there are options available to help you. Our clinic accepts private insurance, state Medicaid and we have an affordable self-pay option for people who do not have any other means of paying for treatment. We know you’ve probably been looking around for a treatment center and come up empty but look no further than our suboxone clinic near me. With one phone call, you can learn about our telemedicine program, get answers to your questions and begin the wonderful process of recover, so call now.

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