Arlington, Carlisle County, KY Ending Opiate Addiction with Telehealth

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Arlington, Carlisle County, KY Ending Opiate Addiction with Telehealth

telehealth for opiates addictionKentucky is a state which is riddled with opiate overdoses and addiction, particularly in rural areas. Not only does Kentucky have a crisis within its own state, but it is all across America as countless people die every day from an opiate-related cause. To serve the community of Arlington, Carlisle, KY our suboxone clinic offers telehealth services for those in remote areas who might not have easy access to treatment resources.

Does Telehealth Really Help People Access MAT?

One of the latest advancements in opiate treatment is telehealth, which brings MAT services to people all over the country. Suboxone is what our program uses, and it helps reduce or eliminate drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms when someone stops using their opiate of choice. While it is an opiate, suboxone is safer than prescription painkillers, heroin and fentanyl and the goal of MAT is to prescribe it, so a person can stop using illicit opiates and taper down to become clean. We serve the community of Arlington, Carlisle County, KY and other surrounding areas, so you can rest assured we will help you.

Is Telehealth the Solution to Opioid Use Disorder?

Keeping in mind the staggering overdose death rates and other health issues associated with opioid use disorder, the solution to these issues very well could be telehealth. Telehealth is an all-encompassing term which describes the ability of a suboxone doctor to help patients through a web-based platform. Our program is accepting new patients, has no waiting list, provides same day appointments and takes private medical insurance, Medicaid and Medicare. Please remember, no matter what we are here to help.

Contact Our Clinic if You Live in the Arlington, Carlisle County, KY Area:

The need for telehealth services to help put an ending to the opiate crisis cannot be stressed enough. If you live in or around the Arlington, Carlisle County KY area and need MAT for your opiate dependence, please contact our program today. We offer telehealth services to anyone who needs it, anytime and no matter where they might live. Recovery 365 –


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