Barbourville, KY, Knox County, Suboxone Doctors Are Available

Suboxone Doctors

Barbourville, KY, Knox County, Suboxone Doctors Are Available

Suboxone Doctors

If you are struggling with opiate addiction, our Barbourville, KY, Knox County, suboxone doctors are available to help and we make your recovery our top priority. If you live outside the area and cannot make a clinic visit to receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT), we offer telemedicine services to allow you the privacy and confidentiality your situation requires. In addition to offering telehealth services, we accept Medicaid, private insurance and have other financial options available for people who may be concerned with how to pay for treatment.

We Offer Personalized Care and Treatment:

At our clinic, our suboxone doctors treat each person as the unique individual they are and treatment addresses more than just addiction. Our doctor gives a patient an in-depth evaluation and clinical assessment because we try to understand someone’s background and addiction history. Because suboxone treatment isn’t right for everyone, we do our due diligence to provide the best possible outcome for each person we help even if the person cannot do MAT.

New Recovery Approach at Our Barbourville, KY, Knox County, Suboxone Clinic:

Our approach to recovery is to start each day as a new opportunity to work towards a brighter, drug-free future. We understand the debilitating nature of addiction and that it is physically and psychologically difficult to think about giving up your opiate of choice, but with our MAT program, you can do just that. Today is a brand-new chance and today is the day you can begin the journey to becoming free from addiction, with the help of our Barbourville, KY, Knox County, suboxone clinic.

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Call Our Suboxone Clinic Today and Talk to Our Doctors:

With decades of experience backing up our suboxone doctors, our commitment to patient-focused care is unrivaled. We strive to give our patients a non-judgmental and compassionate MAT clinic which is safe and beneficial to the outcome of their patient’s recovery. Our goal is to ensure you are able to have a safe recovery by understanding your needs and giving you everything you require to successfully become drug-free.

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