Bellefonte, KY, Greenup County, Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opiate Addiction

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Bellefonte, KY, Greenup County, Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opiate Addiction


Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Medication-assisted treatment involves the use of medications for the treatment of opiate addiction. The treatment process is also called MAT, and it provides care and rehabilitation for the whole patient. Research has proven MAT works, which is why it is offered at through our telemedicine program to serve the population in and around the Bellefonte, KY, Greenup county area.

What is MAT Primarily Used For?

MAT is mainly used for treating addiction to opiates such as heroin and prescription opiates. The medication prescribed by our suboxone doctor operates to normalize brain chemistry, it controls withdrawal symptoms and alleviates cravings. The goal of MAT is to stop someone from using harder, more dangerous drugs and to gradually taper the dosage down until the person can become totally clean.

Is MAT Effective?

An estimated 1.8 million people have issues with opioid use disorder and a bit more than half a million have opioid use disorder related to heroin, according to At our program, we offer telemedicine services to people living in and around the Bellefonte, KY, Greenup County area. The ultimate goal of using MAT is to provide comprehensive, custom tailored treatment which includes supportive services which addresses what our patient needs the most.

Greenup County MAT Program

Contact Our Bellefonte, KY, Greenup County MAT Program:

If you or someone you love has been wrestling with heroin or prescription opiate addiction, the time to act is right now. You know you can’t continue engaging in opiate abuse and not have the situation blow up in your face, because it’s only a matter of time. You deserve so much better, you could have so much more happiness and peace, if you could become clean. Our telemedicine program is offering MAT using telehealth and we accept state Medicaid, have affordable pricing and we are ready to help you 24/7/365.

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