Blue Ridge Manor, Jefferson County, KY Suboxone Services

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Blue Ridge Manor, Jefferson County, KY Suboxone Services

The addiction and overdose deaths in Kentucky have reached epidemic proportions, painkillers, heroin and fentanyl are everywhere. People living in the state are familiar with drug addiction and as a result, residents of Blue Ridge Manor, Jefferson County, KY are no different and need some resources for treatment. We are working to open locations throughout the state, in addition, we will be launching a telemedicine platform as well.

What Drugs are Hitting KY Hard?

Of all the drugs out there, heroin and fentanyl are hitting the state of Kentucky quite hard. Heroin is deadly, highly addictive and unpredictable. It is hard to know what heroin can be cut with, meaning each time someone buys a hit it could be their last time. More and more often, heroin is being laced with fentanyl which can be fatal in even a very small dose. Battling with heroin addiction is one of the hardest things a person can ever do and with our help, it is not something one has to do alone.

How Are We Helping the Citizens of KY Recover?

Our suboxone clinic was created to help the residents in and around the Blue Ridge Manor, Jefferson County, KY area recover from opiate addiction. Our program serves anyone throughout the state, and we are working hard to address the states drug problem and resolve some the social issues caused by addiction such as crimes and homelessness. We help out patients recover from addiction; we help them regain control over their lives again.

Contact Our Suboxone Treatment Services Today:

If you live in the Blue Ridge Manor, Jefferson County, KY area and are struggling with heroin, painkiller or fentanyl addiction, you should contact our suboxone program to discuss our medication-assisted treatment options and to find out more information about our upcoming telemedicine platform. You deserve a better life and if you want it to happen, you must be prepared to make some serious changes. Call our suboxone program today, reach out to get the help you need and do not spend one more minute allowing opiate dependence to wreck your future.

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