Can You Get Addicted To Suboxone?

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Can You Get Addicted To Suboxone?

Addiction is any habit that gets out of hand, and you become controlled rather than the controller of that substance. At our Suboxone Clinic at Lexington, Kentucky, we understand this. And we strive to make our patients understand every implication linked to any addiction.

One question that many patients ask is if some of the treatments we give become addictive. And one particular one is Suboxone used for opioid addiction treatment.

Buprenorphine and Naloxone are the two ingredients of Suboxone, a drug used to wean patients off opioids. Buprenorphine is an opioid that actually acts more potent than morphine because it affects pain receptors in the nervous system. However, unlike other opioids like heroin or fentanyl that act by binding directly with opioid receptor sites on cells, buprenorphine only partially attaches itself onto these cell receptors blocking out other opiates from stimulating them as well. This creates a situation where people who become addicted can reduce their dependence on drugs while being protected against withdrawal symptoms all at once!

Naloxone is a medication that reverses the effects of opioids on an individual. This drug can helps reduce the risk for relapse by preventing you from experiencing opioid withdrawal symptoms like pain, anxiety, nausea, or headache.

Can you get addicted to Suboxone?

Suboxone is potentially addictive, but the risk of addiction with Suboxone might be less than other opioids. This could be because it’s not as sedating so that people can function better, and they don’t experience cravings which can lead them to relapse.

Even though the likelihood of addiction to this drug, using it for non-medical purposes isn’t high, illegal sales from traffickers have occurred throughout the United States.

Addicted To Suboxone?
Can you overdose on Suboxone?

Yes, you can. And that is why at our clinic, we always try to administer the treatment while we monitor the dosages. A Suboxone overdose can induce a coma and cause liver damage. An allergic reaction characterized by swelling in the throat and difficultly breathing is also possible when taking high doses of Suboxone. Suffering from acute respiratory depression is also a likelihood that could prove to be fatal.

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Suboxone is a helpful medication, but it can be dangerous if misused. It can lead to addiction and should only be used according to the prescription. Once someone overcomes dependence on Suboxone, they can reclaim their life from Opioids once again without any issues or complications in between.

So to get to this point, we at Suboxone Kentucky are willing to help any way we can. So give us a call today.




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