Our Suboxone Doctor in Louisville, KY Cares About Our Patients

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Our Suboxone Doctor in Louisville, KY Cares About Our Patients

At our clinic, our suboxone doctor in Louisville, KY actually cares about patients and wants to give patients comfortable, effective, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder. Our providers help a person’s body and mind recover from the pain, discomfort and stress of opiate addiction. We give patients a trusting, confidential, environment, which is dedicated to patient care and total recovery.

Our Suboxone Doctor is Licensed and Certified to Prescribe MAT

Our suboxone doctor in Louisville, KY is state licensed and trained to prescribe medication-assisted treatment using FDA-approved drugs for opiate addiction recovery. We know treatment goes beyond simply providing medication to a patient, we do a full mental and physical evaluation before MAT services begin. By working with our patients to uncover the reasons behind their opioid use disorder, providing stabilizing medications and tackling the cravings associated with opiates, our clients can go on to an improved life free from addiction.

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How Is Our Suboxone Treatment Personalized?

At our suboxone clinic in Louisville, KY, we give clients personalized care and attention, because it helps aid in the recovery process. Our doctor will sit down with you and truly get to know you as a person and make sure you get treated with respect and dignity during treatment. Depending on your specific needs, type and length of addiction, our clinic will work with you to decide the best course of action to make sure you reach the goal of recovery.

Why Are Same Day Appointments So Important?

We understand that when someone makes the difficult choice to become clean from opioid use disorder, having immediate access to treatment can make all the difference in the world. Through offering same day appointments with our suboxone doctor, a potential patient will not have to wait weeks or several days to get access to treatment, which can mean life or death. It is hard enough to come to terms with one’s drug addiction, but not knowing when help is available can drive someone back to drug use because it’s easier than waiting and not knowing when one can get into treatment.

suboxone doctor in Louisville ky

Changing Your Life Starts with Getting MAT:

Suboxone is an FDA-approved medication used in treating opioid use disorder. With buprenorphine and naloxone, the drug is able to block the effects of opiates and ease withdrawal symptoms. We rely on suboxone to help our clients recover from opiate addiction because we’ve seen how well it works. At our suboxone doctor in Louisville, KY, you can change your life by receiving MAT services. We believe in treating our patients like human beings, we focus on total patient care and will go the extra mile to make sure you regain sobriety and can lead a better life.

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