Heroin to Suboxone to Ketamine Nature

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Heroin to Suboxone to Ketamine Nature

By working with suboxone doctors and ketamine therapy doctors and clinics in Lexington, Louisville, Corbin and Frankfort, Restore is helping people break free from addiction and heal from depression without the need for long term suboxone maintenance or depression. Ketamine infusions are being prescribed by Ketamine doctors that collaborate with Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program and Rehabilitation Services. Our relationships in the community are what make us strong as individuals. We connect. We share. We help others heal themselves through holistic based healthy alternative treatments that are showing great progress in addiction and mental health industries. Healthcare in our nation is failing those who are addicted and unfortunately, it is the same Healthcare system that is prescribing millions of highly addictive pain medications and SSRI anti-depressant drugs. We must find a new way to help people. 100,000 plus people lost annually. More than all wars combined. Yet only 6 billion for state of emergency opiate epidemic. We must think bigger. We must introduce people to psychedelic-assisted therapy and plant medicines or natural healing methods and spiritual practices. We are physical, mental and spiritual. We must bring them all into harmony and prevent sickness and disease. We must. Before we lose another son, another daughter, parent or loved one.

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ketamine doctor in lexington kentuckyFor more information about online suboxone doctor appointments or in-person Ketamine therapy consultations, please reach out to our addiction treatment specialists today. 888-480-7274. For more information about alternative detoxification healing methods such as Kambo, please visit this resource we found online. Ketamine infusion therapy is being prescribed now by suboxone doctors to help assist patients or participants with depression. Dual diagnosis is a growing mental health concern for addiction rehabilitation and mental health treatment professionals. Ketamine is used for anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, acute pain even Asthma. Ketamine infusion therapy or psychedelic therapy may be the path for those addiction, those hurting, those suffering from depression. Only time will tell.


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