Opiate Withdrawal Management

Opiate Withdrawal Management

Opiate Withdrawal Management

Addiction among our loved ones can hurt the family dearly. When a family member becomes an addict, everyone associated with them becomes a victim, not directly but indirectly, as in the affected infected. The addict is the infected and the family affected.

With the stigma and pain of rehabilitation, people may be uncertain about taking their patients for treatment. However, to restore healthy, productive lives, addicts must be rehabilitated and prepared for a sober life.

We have compiled the process of Opiate Withdrawal Management at our Restore Health KY suboxone clinic.

Different types of medication for opiate withdrawal are needed to aid the body with detoxification. The length of time it takes to complete this process all depends on your addiction level, blood pressure and heart rate.

We are all about quality life and wholesome healing. For that reason, we offer suboxone treatment to opioid addicts.

How we assist with Withdrawal

During opioid treatment, patients may have a hard time with withdrawal. What is known a withdrawal symptoms? These symptoms include:

  • Hallucination,
  • Pain on the body,
  • Lack of sleep,
  • Thirst,
  • Anger, and others

The good thing with our suboxone treatment is that it doesn’t provide a euphoric feeling, so it can help to prevent the patient from craving for other opiates.

We serve patients all over the country, we provide doctors who are experienced in suboxone treatment and provide a safe environment for our patients where they will be comfortable with their ongoing recovery. Visit our suboxone clinics or contact us through our website Restore Health KYand we’ll answer your questions immediately!

Opiate Withdrawal Management

How does Suboxone help?

Suboxone is one of opioid replacement medications that is similar to buprenorphine which contains both naloxone and buprenorphine hydrochloride as its active ingredients. It is an effective method of treatment for patients struggling with opiate management.

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