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How Does Opiate Addiction Affect One’s Activities? Suboxone Clinic Lexington

The use of opiates can negatively impact all areas of a person’s life, impact their family, friends and community. Drug’s will alter your mood, thinking and behavior, because addiction is all-consuming. Opiate addiction can have bad consequences including isolation from those you love, secrecy, lying, deception, job loss and much more. Read on to find out why it is so important to contact our opiate rehab program to put an ending to your addiction.

Drug Addiction Takes You Away from Things You Love: Suboxone Doctor Lexington

Are you taking an opiate after it is no longer needed for a health issue? Are you engaging in drug seeking behavior to find more of your opiate of choice? Do you find yourself spending more and more time thinking about opiates? Do you lie to your family to spend time using drugs? If you answer yes to any of these questions, your opiate addiction is probably taking you away from things you love and you’d definitely benefit from treatment at our opiate rehab program.

Can You Stop? Suboxone Treatment Lexington

Have you tried to stop using opiates, even one time and couldn’t do? You probably struggle to admit the truth about your behavior and the nature of your opiate use, we understand it can be hard to face reality. If you can’t stop using opiates and are still using even when it has caused trouble in your life, it’s a definite indication you’ve got a problem that our treatment clinic could help you correct. If you are thinking about your opiate use and believe you might have a problem, it’s time to contact our medication-assisted treatment program.

Why Does an Addict Enjoy Opiates More than Anything Else?

There’s a fine line between drug abuse and addiction. Very few addicts are able to see when the line into addiction has been crossed because they only tend to focus on their opiate of choice. The urge to use opiates is so strong, a person will not go to work, will avoid their friends and family, give up everything they love in the name of addiction. Although it may seem like an addict doesn’t care about anything other than their opiate of choice, it’s vital for loved ones to realize the person has no power and cannot make healthy decisions.

When is Opiate Use No Longer a Choice?

As a person goes further and further down the rabbit hole into full-blown addiction, there truly is no other choice but for the individual to use. Addiction makes someone ignore their family, responsibilities and even robs them of the joy they used to feel from doing enjoyable things or hobbies. A person’s ability to stop abusing opiates is eventually compromised and what started as a voluntary choice, is now something the body requires because of dependence. If you believe opiate addiction is the reason you’re having so many problems in life, we invite you to call our clinic today to discuss the treatment we provide.

Getting Clean Changes Your Life for the Better:

One of the hardest things a person could face is all of the changes that accompany a drug-free life. Once you’ve decided to get clean, you will meet new people who understand what you’re going through and won’t ever judge you. When you’ve beaten your opiate addiction, you will have free time to pursue your passions achieve your goals and reach for your dreams. Think about all the time you’ve spent getting high, hiding your addiction and lying to yourself and loved ones, wouldn’t it be so much better to be sober?

suboxone clinic lexingtonWhat are Other Benefits of Becoming Clean?

Using opiates can be an expensive habit, especially when it’s done daily. When you stop using drugs, not only will your health and relationships improve, but you will be able to save money to plan for your future. It’s well known how opiate abuse changes the chemistry of the brain and it results in making an addict fixate on drugs and nothing else. That’s not a good quality of life for anyone. By giving up opiates, your physical, emotional and psychological health will improve because you’ll be thinking clearly and become able to make healthy, positive life choices.

Are You Ready to Get Better?

Don’t ever buy into the old adage that if you wanted to stop using opiates, it is simply a matter of willpower. Many addicts avoid treatment for a long time because they see it as a sign of weakness. We understand that one of the hardest decisions you may ever make is to be open about your opiate addiction and to seek treatment. Facing the unknown is frightening, but with our caring addiction medicine specialists, we promise this is not a battle you’ll have to face alone. Call Suboxone Clinic Lexington now!