New Relationships

New Relationships


How Does Opiate Addiction Harm Personal Relationships? Suboxone Clinic Lexington

Much of the information out there about opiate addiction focuses on the physical and psychological aspects of the problem. The truth about drug addiction is that it infiltrates each and every single aspect of a person’s life. A person’s social health including the ability to maintain healthy, rewarding connections with family, friends and romantic partners all suffer. By receiving treatment at our medication-assisted treatment program, you can and will become free from opiates once and for all.

Do You Know What the Elements of a Healthy Relationship Are? Suboxone Doctor Lexington

Substance abuse and addiction can damage a person’s social health. Even without the issue of an addiction, relationships are complex, ever-changing and require hard work to maintain. The elements of a successful relationship include:
• Allow for all people to feel good about themselves
• Use honest, assertive communication, but always be respectful of one another
• A healthy relationship can thrive with individuality and being together
• Fun and rewarding
• Have a goal to compromise and always seek to find the best in the other person
• There must be no emotional, physical, sexual or verbal abuse, violence or aggression
• Open and honest communication-don’t deliberately deceive or be dishonest

The Damages an Opiate Addiction Can Do: Suboxone Treatment Lexington

When a person becomes addicted to opiates, many of the elements that make a relationship successful become difficult. Once substance abuse graduates into an addiction, a person will only focus on getting and using their opiate of choice.

Because a relationship can never compete with the euphoria of opiate use, a person will usually put less time, effort and energy into saving a relationship and this allows many damaging things to happen.

Lying and Secrecy:

Someone abusing opiates excessively isn’t going to be outwardly open about it. Addiction brings with it; secrecy, shame, guilt, lies, and fear of being judged. An addiction may make someone think nobody will understand what they’re going through, which makes the person become secretive and deceptive. Some things a person might lie about to hide their addiction include:
• Where they are
• Who they are with
• What they have been doing all day
• Why there is money missing
• Why they are acting differently

Sometimes, the secrecy associated with addiction will get to the point of a person becoming isolated or distant. Secrecy, lies and deceit are not healthy aspects of any relationship and it strains the life of an addict and hurts those who love them.

Broken Trust:

With the lying, secrecy and isolating behaviors associated with addiction, it is only a matter of time before this double life catches up with a person. Somebody who loves an opiate dependent person may start to develop trust issues due to the disrespect, dishonesty and turmoil caused by their addiction.

Trusting someone is the core of any relationship whether it is a wife and husband, parent and child or a close friendship. Without trust and care in a relationship, it can cause the addicts loved one to feel angry, confused, resentful and scared.

Enabling and Codependency:

The relationship between an addict and a loved one can be a rigorous cycle of back and forth. On one hand, those who love the addict will be inclined to enable them out of love, because it is very hard to watch someone you love going down the tubes. Another aspect of enabling is codependency because the two issues share similar traits.

Codependency happens when a loved one is frustrated by the needs and behavior of their addicted loved one, but also feels a compulsive need to take care of the other person.

Codependent relationships usually involve some form of enabling and neither of these things is going to motivate an addict to stop using and get some help.

Only You Can Repair the Damage Caused by Your Opiate Addiction:

So far, we’ve only touched on how opiate addiction can damage relationships and cause an addict many problems. In order to repair the damages that have been caused by opiate addiction, a person needs to end their dysfunctional behavior, acknowledge the hurt and damage done in the past and develop strategies to help deal with these issues in the future.
Along with seeking help from an opiate addiction rehab center, it’s vital for person to build up their self-esteem and self-worth. An important facet of the healing process is to make amends for the hurts of the past and then to reinvest time and energy towards building happier, healthier relationships with others.

suboxone clinic lexingtonSeek Help and Learn to Love Yourself and Life Again:

We know you’ve probably been suffering from the repercussions of your opiate addiction long enough, it’s time to let it go. We understand if you feel guilt, shame, worthlessness, and hopelessness, these are the emotions caused by drug addiction. We can assure you that you are a good person, you are worth saving and yes, it’s possible for those you love to forgive you for the pain they’ve felt because of your addiction.

Haven’t you suffered enough? Haven’t you derided and belittled yourself because you feel weak and powerless against your opiate addiction? Don’t you truly think you deserve a second chance? You do deserve to heal, you can regain what opiate addiction has caused you to lose, but it’s not going to happen until you get up the courage and contact our program. Call Suboxone Clinic Lexington now!


January 29, 2016