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How Does Drug Addiction Ruin Someone’s Career? – Suboxone Clinic Lexington

Despite what many addicts believe, drugs do not enhance one’s ability to perform at work or allow them to be a better person. While someone may think using drugs is fun or harmless at first, once an addiction takes over a person’s life, it’s never the same. There is one thing which helps a person meet their goals in life and that is also negatively affected by drug addiction and that’s a career. Don’t let drug addiction steal your livelihood or rob you of the career you’ve worked so hard for, call our opiate addiction rehab now.

Drug Abuse Vs. Goals – Suboxone Doctor Lexington

For most people, a career starts at the bottom of the rung and requires a climb up the ladder of success. For people who know what they want to do with their lives, working hard and learning about their career field allows them to blossom and grow. Success can sometimes require a college education, but if it’s not necessary for your career, you will still have to work hard and do well at your job to move forward.

Unfortunately, drug abuse and addiction can easily rob you of being your best and prohibit you from being successful at work or college. It is very hard to perform at a high level when you spend all your time being high from opiate abuse. Opiate addiction will prevent you from accomplishing your goals and the only way to get back on track is to seek help from our opiate addiction treatment center.

Real Effects of Addiction on a Career: Suboxone Treatment Lexington

Drugs like opiates completely monopolize the thoughts and mind of an addict. Because a person will do whatever is necessary to get and use their opiate of choice, it can cause the following career problems:

         Chronic absenteeism: It’s easy to ignore your personal responsibilities when you are busy partying and abusing your opiate of choice, but your boss will notice you calling off or coming in late and it will result in reprimands and possible firing.

         Performance issues: Unless your job requires you to be high every day, getting high on drugs will not do anything to advance your career.

         Money: Chances are you’re working to provide for your needs. If you’re using opiates and spending a huge amount of money on drugs, it can lead you to lose your job, home and family.

         Promotions: A manager or supervisor looking to give someone a promotion won’t consider you for it if you’re late or absent from work, not performing at your best level and acting unprofessionally in the workplace. Opiate addiction can rob you of the chance for promotions at work and could even get you fired.

Your Future in Recovery

Everything you want to do or build in your life requires hard work, devotion and for you to be your best self. From buying a home, getting married, having a family and building a successful career, you need focus to reach these goals. When you are engaging in a battle with opiates, you are hindered from doing these things and you will fail at building the future you dream about.

Drug addiction happens because people can’t cope with the difficulties of life and seek to escape from pain, tension, and stress. You don’t want to get wrapped up in routine opiate abuse, because it will inevitably become an addiction and you will lose total control. When you step back from your drug problem and take an honest look at your life, goals, and future, you’ll truly see everything you are at risk of losing and it should spur you to get treatment for your opiate addiction issue.

Get Clean and Shoot to the Top!

Once you’ve realized all you stand to lose because of addiction, you should realize how becoming clean will make everything better. When you break your addiction to opiates, you will be thinking clearly, making the right choices and the sky becomes the limit as far as your potential goes.

Whether your job is intensely physical or if you are behind a desk, performance is better when you are fully engaged, functioning and able to do your best. The most powerful people in the business world have achieved their positions by devotion, hard work and dedication, which isn’t possible when all you can think about is getting high and escaping from the world.

suboxone clinic lexingtonCareer Benefits of Being Clean:

Now that you’ve realized how important it is to get help for your opiate addiction, you should think about all the amazing life opportunities you can receive from becoming clean. As far as your career goes, you can expect to see the following benefits from receiving treatment from our opiate rehab program:

  • Better time management: A sharp and clear mind is essential for staying on task, juggling multiple responsibilities and being able to give your employer your all.
  • Greater stamina: Getting your life together and becoming clean allows you to work faster and with more energy, which will be impressive to your employer.
  • Better interpersonal skills: It is difficult to have quality interactions with people when you’re high. The best way to build successful work relationships is to become clean from your opiate addiction.

The Benefits of Using Our Opiate Treatment Clinic

No matter where you are in life, there’s no better time than now to pick up the phone to seek treatment for your opiate addiction. There are genuine reasons you should be excited and hopeful for a drug-free future because of our medication-assisted treatment program it will happen. Living your best life, achieving goals and dreams are things you cannot possibly do while struggling with opiate addiction, deep down you know it’s true.

If you want to be successful in life, financially secure, reach all your dreams and be the best person you can, please call our treatment program now. You deserve the best in life and when opiates are stealing your future, change begins with effective treatment and that’s exactly what we provide. We have helped many people in the same position as you, we know what type of treatment works and we will give you the tools, support, and guidance needed to become completely drug-free.



February 5, 2016