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Suboxone Clinic in Betsy Layne, KY

As people all over the United States come to grips with the surging opiate epidemic, so too are the healthcare providers employed at our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program. We have debated the preconceived societal ideas about long-term inpatient drug treatment and while it may be necessary for some people, we feel MAT is a much more affordable option with just as positive results. Our suboxone clinic in Betsy Layne, KY is open for business and with our upcoming telemedicine program we will soon be able to help anyone who may not live close to an actual treatment center.

How is Our MAT Program Different?

Over 90-percent of addiction treatment providers in the country strictly rely on abstinence only, 12-step models for recovery services. However, even though these treatment programs disavow and look down on suboxone clinics and MAT programs, we feel differently. Our suboxone clinic in Betsy Layne, KY is breaking down walls and addressing opiate addiction through individualized care, careful monitoring and using all of the tools in our treatment arsenal to save lives.

How Are We Changing Minds About MAT?

We know there’s a lot of criticism in the treatment world about suboxone, but we are here to debunk the myths and expose the untruths. Is suboxone the perfect solution for treating opiate addiction? No treatment is guaranteed to work 100% of the time, but our providers can attest to the amazing results we have experienced with suboxone. We stand behind the hard work our patients put in and when following our MAT program, the miracle of recovery can be achieved.

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suboxone clinic near meDon’t be afraid to consider visiting our suboxone clinic in Betsy Layne, KY, and don’t let the negative things you’ve heard about MAT stop you from finding out more information. We believe in the services we provide; we accept private insurance, state Medicaid and have affordable payment plans for our patients who may need to self-pay for treatment. Get up off your couch right now, pick up that phone and speak to one of our knowledgeable, caring treatment providers today to finally overcome your opiate addiction once and for all.

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