Suboxone Treatment to Ketamine Infusion Therapy

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Suboxone Treatment to Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Restore Health KY, INC provides medication-assisted treatment along with intensive outpatient treatment services. Through collaborations with Lexington suboxone doctors and Lexington Ketamine doctors, Restore is addressing the issue of dual diagnosis. Addiction brings along with it isolation and depression. Many times, only the addiction to heroin or abuse of opiates is treated leaving the person feeling less opiate withdrawal symptoms but more anxious and depressed than ever before. The damages done, relationships torn, employer’s patience stretched. Suboxone does not take away any of those problems that came from direct or indirect consequences of the individuals attitude or actions while high and or intoxicated.

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Lexington KY Ketamine Doctor is Saving Lives from Life-long Suboxone Treatment

Did you know that Suboxone was created to help opiate addicted people experience less withdrawal symptoms from opioid abuse? It was designed to help alleviate the withdrawals while easing the cravings to use heroin or opiates again. It is designed to block receptors making it much more difficult to get high again on heroin or prescription medications ie Oxycontin or deadly Fentanyl. Restore believes that long term suboxone treatment is no different than long term Methadone treatment. That form of treatment perpetuates drug use, buying and selling of Methadone in doctor’s parking lots even encourages prostitution in exchange for Methadone. Some doctors have referred to Methadone as a “dirty drug” that create more dependence of pharmaceuticals.

Lexington KY Ketamine Clinic is Raising the Bar on Medication-Assisted Treatment

Restore Health KY, INC once a medication-assisted treatment center has decided to stop prescribing Suboxone to promote and encourage Psychedelic Therapy. Lexington Ketamine clinic Wellward Regenerative Medicine is now handling all suboxone treatment or prescriptions of Suboxone for medication-assisted treatment services. Restore believes that alternative medicines such as Kambo is a better options for more natural healing and or detoxification of toxins and drug metabolites from the person’s body or system. Kambo is 100% legal although not yet accepted by the medical professional for drug detox.

If you would like to learn more about Ketamine Therapy in Lexington, KY, please contact us today 888-480-7274. Ketamine doctors in Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort available for Ketamine treatment consultations.

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