Visit a Suboxone Kentucky Clinic Today

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Visit a Suboxone Kentucky Clinic Today

How long have you been suffering from an addiction to opiates? If you’re not here trying to find information for yourself, is it a love one who is addicted? It doesn’t matter who you are here for because you’re in the right place and you can visit our suboxone Kentucky clinic to receive medication-assisted treatment or MAT that will allow you to become clean.

What Can You Expect from Your First Visit?

Although you may have some preconceived ideas about what goes on in a suboxone clinic, we ask you to put all that aside. You can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity before, during and after you receive drug treatment from our clinic. We respect what you’re going through and during your first visit, we will arrange an in-person consultation with our suboxone doctor to find out if MAT is right for you.

Why is MAT Better at Our Suboxone Kentucky Clinic?

Because many treatment programs are only concerned with the almighty dollar, our program is vastly different and better for patients. We don’t discriminate against someone because they may not have medical insurance, at our program we offer affordable payment plans, we accept private medical insurance and we take KY state Medicaid. There’s no reason for you to continue making excuses about not being able to afford treatment, because we are here to make sure it’s accessible and available to anyone regardless of income or ability to pay.

Contact Our Suboxone Kentucky Clinic Now!

Don’t spend one more minute worrying about whether or not you can get help for your addiction, because you can. We believe in offering help to those in need and our clinicians are available to answer questions 24/7/365. If you desire a better, clean life, contact our suboxone Kentucky clinic right now and make it happen!

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