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Kentucky Utilizes the New Gold Standard!

People are asking, “Is there a Suboxone clinic near me in Kentucky?” Our Kentucky Suboxone clinic is helping to save lives by giving clients the coping skills needed to succeed in their recovery. Suboxone, counseling, and technology are saving lives. Medication assisted treatment and technology...

Medication-Assisted Treatment at Our Suboxone Clinic Kentucky

Medication-Assisted Treatment at Our Suboxone Clinic Kentucky

Our suboxone clinic Kentucky shares America’s concerns about the opiate epidemic. The providers at our clinic are adept and licensed at treating opioid use disorder with suboxone. Medication-assisted treatment or MAT involves a person visiting our clinic or using our upcoming telemedicine program to determine...

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New Suboxone Clinic in Louisville, KY – Why People Believe

At a suboxone clinic in Louisville, KY there are many people finding help for opiate addiction and the treatment works. The therapy known as MAT (medication-assisted treatment) gets a bad rap with some addiction medicine specialists, but it shouldn’t because many people don’t understand everything...