New Suboxone Clinic in Louisville, KY – Why People Believe

Suboxone doctors in Louisville KY

New Suboxone Clinic in Louisville, KY – Why People Believe

At a suboxone clinic in Louisville, KY there are many people finding help for opiate addiction and the treatment works. The therapy known as MAT (medication-assisted treatment) gets a bad rap with some addiction medicine specialists, but it shouldn’t because many people don’t understand everything they need to know about this effective treatment. MAT clinics are often successful in treating opiate addiction through the use of medications like buprenorphine, Subutex, Vivitrol, and suboxone.

Why Do People Not Believe in MAT?

Some people believe MAT involves trading one addiction for another, while others believe these medications are useful when used in conjunction with evidence-based therapies. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration believes in the use of the Food and Drug Administration approved drugs for effectively treating opiate dependence. The organization backs up and recommends MAT treatment for opioid use disorder because research proves how effective it is.

What Kind of MAT Options Are Available from a Suboxone Clinic in Louisville, KY?

At our suboxone clinic, we use include buprenorphine, Subutex, Vivitrol, and suboxone. We use these FDA -approved medications because we have seen how beneficial MAT is for someone who has in the past been unable to recover from opioid use disorder. Despite what some treatment programs believe about using MAT for opiate addiction recovery, our suboxone doctor uses this treatment and is proud of the results our program has with patients.

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How Our Suboxone Clinic in Louisville, KY Changes Lives:

MAT treatment works by blocking the effects of opiates or replacing the opiate of choice a person prefers to use. Medication-assisted treatment doesn’t allow someone to get as high as they once did, it blocks the uncomfortable effects of opiate withdrawal and it prevents cravings to keep someone from using again. MAT treatment not only helps people get sober, it also prevents relapse and overdose deaths. If you or someone you love needs MAT services, please contact our suboxone clinic in Louisville, KY now. Call now to speak with a suboxone doctor today!

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